May the Fourth Be with You

Alana Lee, Reporter/Yearbook

Ida Shahan
Anastasia Scott represents “Star Wars” fans around the school, in support of May the Fourth.

May 4, known by many “Star Wars” fanatics as “May the Fourth Be with You,” has seen support at Duncan Middle School today.

“It is a really good movie franchise, and I grew up watching it,” eighth-grader Brevin Hampton said.

The “Star Wars” franchise has eight movies in the ongoing saga of the Skywalker family, and several other films in the overall continuity. The next film set for a release is “Solo: A Star Wars Story,” which will hit theaters May 24.

May the Fourth is just one of several “Star Wars” inspired holidays, including “(May) Revenge of the Sixth.”

Hampton said his favorite “Star Wars” movie is “Empire Strikes Back” because he likes a lot of the villains in it and he enjoys the story line.

He said May the Fourth means a lot of “Star Wars” “marathoning.”

“And May the Fourth be with you,” Hampton said.