Athletes talk about impact of canceled practices

Hayden Davis, Sports Reporter

Lauren Lewis is one tennis player who worries about how the weather will negatively impact her sport.

Cold and rainy weather has led to many sports practices at Duncan Middle School have been canceled, which some student athletes worry will negatively impact their seasons.

Eighth-grader Lauren Lewis is part of the tennis team. Lewis said she is concerned about how the tennis team is going to do after having so many practices canceled.

“We are going to suck during tournaments,” Lewis said.

However, seventh-grade baseball player Michael Barham disagrees. Barham said he doesn’t think the missed practices will mess with the season.

Barham said that when there isn’t practice he works out at home. Lewis said she does sometimes, too.

But the way they use their time when practices are canceled are different. Lewis said she does homework instead, and Barham goes ahead and pracitices baseball anyway.

Still when they miss practice, both said they work to make up for lost time.

“Sheridan (White) and I go hit a lot,” Lewis said.

For Barham, he said it’s important to continue to practice.