Easter coming Sunday

Whitley Brown, Student Life Reporter

Easter is soon approaching, and students are getting festive.

Whitley Brown
A stuffed bunny adds some Easter flair to the DMS Library.

The holiday falls on April 21, and students are making plans. Whether plans are to go all out by decorating, attending church and going on Easter egg hunts, or waiting for that clearance candy, Easter can be enjoyed by everyone.

“Easter is a great time to spend with your family,” eighth-grader Kodee Bowen said. “I normally go to my aunt’s house and go on Easter egg hunts.”

Seventh-grader Alison Burris had similar opinions.

“I think it’s fun to hunt for eggs on Easter,” Burris said.“I’ll go to my grandma’s and eat food, then go on Easter egg hunts.”

But egg hunts are the only part of the Easter tradition.

Many of Duncan Middle School’s students know about the popular myth the Easter Bunny. This traditions is in a lot of students’ families.

According to the legend the Easter bunny is responsible for dying and hiding the eggs used in the egg hunts. Although this may be tradition, many students find themselves hard boiling and dying eggs, or filling plastic eggs with various goodies.

Bowen and Burris are among the students who no longer believe in the Easter Bunny. Bowen said he stopped believing about age 4 or 5. Burris stopped believing around 7 years old.