Castle’s STEM students work hard to finish up final projects

     Rosie Castle, one of the two middle school STEM teachers, is doing a special project with her 7th and 8th grade STEM students. 

     For her seventh graders, the first part of their project involves designing a mug on an application called “SketchUp for schools.” “SketchUp for schools” is a CAD (computer- aided design) program that DMS STEM students use to design items for the 3D printers. 

Picture of four of the finished products taken by Ayden Belveal

     For the second part of the project, her students will get to have their designed mugs printed on the 3D printer. Although this is not a new project this year, it is the first year that the students will be able to print their designs on the 3D printers. 

     Castle stated “I like the students completing this project because it demonstrates all the skills they learned in design/modeling courses. We are going to print prizes for the STEM open house in March and make prizes for the bottle races at the end of the year.” she said.

     For her eighth grade students, their final project of the first semester was to draw out and build a model of a shed. 

Henry Spoerings almost finished shed, taken by Ayden Belveal

     “I really like this project because it shows that students can measure length correctly. The whole process has taken about one month total, two weeks of sketching and two weeks of building. The entire project should be finished by the end of this week.” 

Kamryn Heilman works hard to finish her shed in a picture taken by Ady Meek

     We cannot wait to see all of the finished products, so if you would like to see them in an update let us know in the comments below, or email us at [email protected]