Duncan does Digital Days


Ava Johnson

Seventh-graders use their Chromebooks in class. DMS added Digital Days this school year.

Sydney Miller and Presley Sanders

Duncan Middle School recently started Digital Days, where teacher take a day away from traditional instruction and work with students through their Chromebooks, whether an assignment is given or help students acclimate to logging in on various websites.

The Digital Days are designed to help students and teachers prepare if they have to eventually return to distance learning.

The first Digital Day was Aug. 27, and another took place Sept. 3. The next Digital Day is set for Monday.

Renea Lawler, sixth and eighth-grade STEM teacher, said the Digital Days have gone well because everything went as planned.

She said the Digital Days haven’t made much of a difference in her class because a lot of what the STEM students do in class every day is digital anyway. Some of the websites they use are Edpuzzel, PLTW and Energy Skateboard.

Although she doesn’t mind the Digital Days, she prefers the regular days because she loves the hands-on activities.

Duncan Middle School recently started digital days, where a day is taken off to do chromebook work, and to get used to/log in to websites online. The first digital day was on Thursday, August 27th, and the most recent one on Thursday, September 3rd. Today we interviewed a student and a teacher about digital day.

Kaylee Miller, a sixth-grade student, said she kind of enjoyed Digital Days, even though she doesn’t quite understand why teachers have to do it.