Gdanski goes from elementary to middle school

Damon Dillon and Dylan Harty

Editor’s Note: This is the sixth part of an ongoing series to introduce new teachers at Duncan Middle School.

At the start of the school year, Duncan Middle School saw a change in the teaching staff for seventh-grade English.

Whitney Gdanski has joined the Duncan Middle School faculty as a seventh-grade English teacher. (Dylan Harty)

Whitney Gdanski is one of those new teachers.

Gdanski may be new to Duncan Middle School, but she is familiar with the City of Duncan and Duncan Public Schools. She previously taught fifth-grade math at Horace Mann Elementary. She also worked at Horace Mann as a personal helper for a special needs student.

She said she loves the students and enjoys being around them every day. She loves teaching English and couldn’t imagine teaching any other subject. She is also happy to be in a classroom working at DMS.

This is her fourth year of teacher, and she can’t wait for the years to come.

She hopes this year will be one of the best teaching years she will have.

Gdanski loves her students, and she loves all of the teachers surrounding and working with her. She feels those teachers are suportive of her and others.

She said she is excited to follow through with this school year at Duncan Middle School.