Students want nap time

Noah McFatridge, Student Life Reporter

At DMS, the students get pretty exhausted from all that work. One thing that will help it is if DMS incorporated  is nap time.

Noah McFatridge

“I don’t think teens get enough sleep, so a special nap time at school would be fantastic,” Xyler Willson, eighth-grade student, said.

It sounds crazy, but it would make the students more refreshed during the day. It can make them more energetic and more awake to do their work.

Most students stay up way too late on their phones or gaming. This leads them to be pretty exhausted in the morning when it is time to go to school.  Then they are too tired to pay attention or even dozing off in class.

If DMS incorporated a nap time, it can make help the students pay more attention in class.

The idea is, at the beginning of the day, students could sleep for around 20 to 30 minutes before school began. Then, the students would wake up feeling better and more awake than when they were waking up this morning.

The only problem is that the kids could oversleep or feel grouchy when they woke up. Then the whole thing could escalate real quick.

But if it did happen, it could make kids get better grades and more active in their work.

Another thing it could do is make the students healthier. Most students are not getting enough sleep, which is a recommended 9 hours of sleep for a teenager.

If they made power naps, they could get more sleep, thus making them healthier and in a better mood.

Power naps probably won’t happen, but at least it is worth a shot for DMS.