Latest ‘Spy School’ book worth the buy

Ava Miller, Editor in Chief

Hey there, again.

Ava Miller

I want to give Brendan a special shout out. Thank you so much for always reading my columns. I hope y’all had a great Fall Break

.I did not make a column last week because I was out of town. I hope that you did not get too sad without my column.

So where did we leave off at? Oh yes.

Ben’s parents just got informed about Ben’s actual school. While the meeting was going, their conference room that they were supposed to have been in, got blown up. Then Ben received the message from Erica. Now they are down in a sewer looking to get away from the CIA, FBI, and any other organization looking for them. 

Cyrus told Ben to give Mike his shirt and wear the new one he had brought from his dorm. Then, Cyrus and Mike left the sewer and ran around the school. That way Ben could get to Erica in secret. He had to bring someone along, so he did not get lost or caught. So he brought Zoe. Total rookie mistake. Well, after he met up with Erica in the Library of Congress, Zoe called the CIA and told them where Erica was. 

This led to Zoe getting tazed and being left behind as Erica and Ben left to go to the Capital, with the CIA chasing them. They escaped, of course. Once they had, Erica explained to Ben that Croatoain had threatened Erica’s sister, Trixie Hale.

Bed was, of course, shocked, as any person would be. I hate to leave you on a cliffhanger, but this is as far into the book as I have goten. I encourage you to get the book “Spy School: Revolutionary War” so that you can go on this reading journey with me.