Dylan Harty, Academics Reporter

On Friday, the seventh-grade Education Station students met up for a day of activities.

Many of the students liked being in Education Station because of the activities they got to instead of just doing classwork. The students said they also feel like they were learning different things every time they get to go.

Students spent the time learning a variety of things, including life skills.

Finley Davis, a seventh-grade student, said she learned how to do different things. Davis said she likes the activities, and her favorite activity so far as been when the group built a city.

This is her second year in Education Station.

Boston White, another seventh-grade student, said his favorite thing about Education Station is getting to learn a lot of new things. White said he likes Education station because he can get out of school and have fun.

He also likes working with his team to do different projects.

White has been in Education Station for three years.