Huckabaa works on composting experiment

Sydney Miller and Presley Sanders

Seventh-grader Mason Huckabaa has been working on a project to find alternative ways to buying soil from the store. To do so, he has been using coffee grounds and other materials for his at-home compost to help enrich the soil. Huckabaa’s main goal in this project is to “make quality soil to use in planting”, according to his teacher, Deanna Santos. 

Huckabaa started this composting experiment all on his own. He refused to spend too much money on soil for the garden, so composting would help lower the gardening cost. Huckabaa is very happy with his composting journey so far, and he hopes to be able to continue doing composting in his garden. 

Huckabaa has been working on his coffee ground composting for around three to four months. As he continues his gardening, he will keep using this compost method to keep his garden efficient. Huckabaa is proud of his garden, and loves to talk about it.