Crimmins, Harris discuss sports passion

Karsen Cogburn, Sports Editor

Cole Crimmins is a seventh-grade student, who plays two sports: Tennis and football.

Crimmins’s favorite sport is tennis. He does not play any sports outside of school. 

Cole Crimmins

“I practice when convenient but usually about once a week,” Cole Crimmins said. “My favorite move to do in tennis is forehand, I like forehands because they are simple and occur the most in a match.

“I have won seven out of the 10 matches I have played. A lot of my matches were won from a forehand. I like tennis because it doesn’t matter about your size. I like football. It’s just that I’m too short.”

Crimmins’s schedule is pretty hard. There are a lot of people around the DMS halls that are just as busy if not busier. Another student who has a super busy schedule is Ariah Harris.

Harris is different from Crimmins; she is an eighth-grade student. She plays a sport every season. Ariyah plays volleyball, basketball and track.

She has a busy schedule.

Ariyah Harris


“The only sport I play outside of school is basketball,” Harris said. “Basketball is also my favorite sport. I practice all my sports every day do stay in practice for when the sport comes back around next year.

“Sports are an important part of my life.” 

Harris said she  loves to play basketball with her friends. She keeps her grade up so she can play in her sports.

She just recently came back to school after being virtual for the first semester.