Friends are important, here’s why

Noah McFatridge, Student Life Reporter

It is pretty important to have friends in life.

Noah McFatridge

You need to have friends for several reasons. One reason is you need someone to consult in times where you need someone to talk to, but you don’t need any random person. You need someone you can trust to be a loyal friend.

For example, if that friend won’t give you the answer to problem 28 on that English worksheet you are going to fail, that would be a friend that probably wants you to be independent, and that may or may not be a good thing. 

Another example is that you need to sometimes have some happiness in your life.

If your only happiness in life is playing on that “Minecraft” server for 8 hours a day or watching “Mr. Beast” videos all day, then maybe you should get a fun friend.

A good friend for you should make you laugh and have fun with each other. 

Another reason for needing a friend is that you need someone that will hold you accountable for your actions.

If you get suspended for doing something stupid like punching that jerk you always hated, you need a friend that will tell you, “Hey man, that was the wrong thing to do in that situation.”

That friend should be a leader and make sure that you are a good person. If you have a friend that has all of these traits, then you will have an amazing friend that will always be by your side.

Now this friend may be hard to find, but keep searching for that someone that you like as a friend and they like you as a friend.