Teachers discuss getting vaccinated

Damon Dillon, Clubs Reporter

Floyd Brown poses for a picture. (Damon Dillon)

Teachers at DMS have the choice to be vaccinated. There are teachers on the list to be vaccinated, but don’t know when they will be vaccinated.  

Chuck Brown the special needs teacher has been vaccinated.

He was not forced by the school or the administration.  The vaccine hasn’t affected him at all besides having a sore arm for a couple of days. He has had both of his shots in hope to prevent him from COVID-19. His opinion about the vaccine is “I’m doing what I need to do to get out of the pandemic.” He Doesn’t know of anybody getting sick from the vaccine but he is sure there are some people. He does believe the vaccine will prevent him from the COVID-19 virus.

Chuck Brown talked about COVID vaccine. (Damon Dillon)

Floyd Brown the Computer teacher has also been vaccinated. He wasn’t forced to be vaccinated. The vaccine didn’t affect him in any way and he is glad that it didn’t.  He has had both of his shots for the COVID-19 vaccine. He said that taking the COVID shot was just like taking a FLU shot. He doesn’t think that the students will be forced to vaccinate but does encourage students to take it when it is possible. Mr.Brown does know of a family member getting sick but he did inform with “it wasn’t as bad as actually getting COVID.” Floyd does think the vaccine will help you if you are to get the COVID-19 Virus.