Insight on headphones

Carson Hoodenpyle, Academics reporter

I think that headphones are really useful. They protect your privacy and some of them make the audio sound more crisp. There are different kinds

Carson Hoodenpyle

, so I’m gonna complain about them .

The first kind of headphones I wanna talk about are earbuds. Their usefulness lies in their compactness. They’re really easy to take with you and they usually have decent quality. They also don’t usually hurt your ears like headphones that go over your ears do sometimes. The most disconcerting thing about them is that they get tangled up really easily for no reason. I could have them in a perfect wrap around my hand and as soon as I sit them down they’ll either unravel or tangle up for no reason.

Next are over-ear headphones. These do what’s implied in the name by going over your ears when you wear them. These headphones usually have better sound quality and they also have improved bass and usually block out most if not all outside sound. The only big issue with them is that they usually make your ears sore after extended use.

Next are my least favorite, on-ear headphones. While over-ear and on-ear may sound the same, they are completely different. As I’ve said, over-ear headphones go over your entire ear. With on-ear headphones, it works a little differently. On-ear headphones go onto your ear and only cover your ear canal so you can hear the sound. Funnily enough, that’s the only thing they’re even slightly useful for. They almost never have good sound quality, so it almost always sounds like a low quality ham radio, the cloth over the speakers is scratchy and uncomfortable and if they’re tight on your ears it’s even worse, the bridge above the speakers is flimsy, cheap plastic, and they break really easily because they’re incredibly fragile.

Long story short, there are lots of options you can choose from to listen to audio, but some of them are better than others. You have options, so just pick the one that suits you.