Duncan falls to Altus

Tavion Holland , Sports Reporter

       The game was on Tuesday, September 28th. The 7th-grade team lost the score 20-16. Also, the 8th-grade team lost to Altus 28-16. The referees called the game because there was lighting.7th grader Nathan White said he had one catch and a touchdown. He says the team needs to work on containment.  Also, he says he needs to work on catching the ball, and the team needs to work on containment. 7th grader  Evan Sparger thinks he played well and another 7th grader Phillip Wolff says “ I could have done a lot better, we did well but we definitely could have done better.”  “We need to work on blocking and working as a team,” said Wolff. Eric Hernandez, another 7th grader says he played decently but not very well and he says the team needs to work on tackling. Another 7th grader Marshall Harris says he did not play well. He also says he needs to work on not getting mad easily. The next game is at home against Ardmore Middle school on Thursday, October 7th. 7th grade starts at 5:00 P.M. and 8th grade starts at 6:30 P.M. The weather will be mostly cloudy and a little cold.