What its Like to do cheer and other sports.

Blake Wilson , Sports Editor

         Most cheerleaders play other sports while cheering. They have to split practices and they have to know everything to do in both sports. One of the cheerleaders, Emily Hallford plays volleyball and cheer in the fall and she does girls basketball and cheers for her winter sports. Emily said that she only goes to cheer practices on Wednesday since they are only required to go to cheer practices one day a week and that she goes to basketball every other day.

          She said that if they some days they have a game and also have to cheer for the 7th-grade girl’s basketball. So they cheer till halftime and then they go to the locker room at the half and change into their uniforms and get ready for their game. When asked if doing two sports was difficult and she said “no not at all, since they only go to one practice a week and there are only fifteen cheers they need to learn for basketball. Another cheerleader who plays another sport while also doing cheer is Kelby Fox. Kelby plays volleyball and does cheer for her fall sports and she plays basketball and does cheer for her winter sports. Kelby said that she doesn’t go to cheer practice, she does basketball every day after school.

         She said that the reason she knows the cheers is that The cheer coach Ms.French sends all the cheerleaders who play multiple sports while cheering, videos of the practices, and the cheerleaders are supposed to watch them know the cheers. When asked if she actually watches them she said that she didn’t watch them but her friends just tell her what to do since they are easy to memorize. She was also asked if she found it difficult to balance both sports. She said, “It’s not difficult.”