Students discuss semester grades

Today academic reporters asked students about their semester grades and how they’re doing this semester. The students we asked are in 8th grade and most of them we emailed but we plan to at least interview two people in-person on video. So far a lot of people said that their semester wasn’t going great but at least for them. The reason a lot of students aren’t doing good, is because a lot of them say they get too much work and not enough time. Most of them also say that they are too tired or lazy to work so they have bad grades for classes.

The first person the reporters asked was James Burns. For the semester he isn’t confident because he does not like school. He thinks his grades are good and that he doesn’t need to change them. He thinks the assignments aren’t good because they are work from classes. He wishes that the assignments were longer so he could have time to finish them.

The second person that the reporters asked was Alyssia Miles. She isn’t confident in her semester sense; she already has a C in science. Even though she has a C in science, she thinks her grades are fine so far for the semester. She thinks the assignments are easy to boost up her grades. She does wish the due dates would be longer if she has a hard or long assignment.

The third person the reporters asked was Justin York. He is confident about his semester. He likes his grades because they are all A’s. He thinks the assignments are easy enough for him. Even though he thinks the assignments are easy, he does wish the assignments were longer.

The fourth person the reporters asked was Cecil Jones. Cecil Jones thinks his semester isn’t good because he doesn’t have good grades. He doesn’t like this semester because he doesn’t feel like doing work. He does wish to have longer due dates for assignments.