Summer Sno re-opens

Joelliza Fincher and Reyna Murillo

Pink care bear snow cone         Summer Sno is one of Duncan’s favorite snow cone places that comes year-round. Summer Sno re-opened on March 2, 2022, and is open Monday through Friday from 11- am to 8-pm. Summer sno is open on Sundays but the timing is not as lengthy as the weekdays. Summer Sno was also established in 1991. Summer Sno is almost always closed around August every year, leaving people desperate for a snow cone. People all around Duncan have filled the line outrageously these past few days. There are many snow cone flavors such as strawberry, Barbie, big booty, blue coconut, and many more.

Justin Pena is a teacher at Duncan middle school and hasn’t been to summer sno yet but plans on it. Pena said, “I’ve never been to  Summer Sno I plan on going soon.” Pena is very excited to have his first-ever snow cone.

Withney Gdanski one of the teachers at Duncan middle school said, “Summer Sno is like the best snow cone place out there.” Gdanski’s favorite snow cone is Blue Coconut. She recommends Summer Sno to everyone. Summer Sno is very popular around Duncan and if you haven’t gotten one of Summer Snos best snow cones you should certainly go get one.