Education Station


Logan Sanders

Seventh grade Education Station pose for a group photo

Logan Sanders

As many have heard and known, Duncan Middle School is starting their next session of Education station in the eighth grade science lab. This group of students are from elementary to high school. The sixth graders will have a whole new and maybe funner experience in this lab. They will build different kinds of things with many different types of materials. To get into Education Station you have to take a test, and score a relatively high score above 90% . This way they can get out of some of their classes and it will enhance their educational journeys while they have a lot of fun.

 In education station they build, create, and design many different prototypes and projects. During their first meeting they were working with legos and planning on their next projects. Keller Atchley, seventh grade student, states, “I love that we get the time to leave our classes to do something fun and educational. That is why I like education station and I recommend it for the people who got in or who are still in elementary school.” 

The leader of Education Station is Stacy Smith. “I absolutely love Education Station!” “I get to have my students from 3rd grade through 8th grade!” She says. “Education Station calls for the 6th grade making a prototype of sunglasses and adding new features, 7th grade creating solar ovens, and 8th grade will be going on a field trip to the zoo, along with many other things to come.”

Seventh grade Education Station pose for a group photo (Logan Sanders)

A seventh grade student, Brisco Davis, said that he loves Education Station because there are many cool and fun experiments that they do in all of the grades. Davis was in the Education station when he was in third grade. He doesn’t have anything to complain about in Education Station because it is all fun to him no matter what they do and learn. He said,” Education Station is really underrated because nobody ever talks about it.”