Band All-Region Is Coming Up

Jessica Hernandez and Aspen Condit, Performing Arts


On Saturday November 9th, All-Region tryouts are coming up for band students.  All-Region tryouts take place in Altus, Oklahoma at the Altus High School.

The band students who have signed up to go have been practicing their music a lot to perfect it in hopes they’ll make it into a regional band, and get to play with the best players around South-Western Oklahoma around the time of February.  

Some students who are going to All-Region were interviewed to see what their opinion was and what they felt about it

The 3 questions were 1.”How do you think it is going to go?’ 2. “What are your expectations?” 3. “In your own words, describe what all-region is.” Let’s see what Henry Spoering and Brooklynne Robinson have to say.

Mr. Spoering answered 1. “Pretty well, we have a lot of students trying out.” 2. “To make all-region and to play in the good bands.” 3. “I think a way to honor yourself by playing your instrument.”

Ms. Robinson answered 1. “I think it will go bad because I’m very scared.” 2. “I expect myself to do a fantastic job!” 3. “It’s where kids get all together and audition and get into a good band.”