2020-2021 Staff

Sydney Miller

Academic Editor

Some of the sports I play are soccer, cross country, and track. In my free time I love to ride my skateboard, play soccer, and draw. I also love hanging out with my sisters.

Kelan Smith-Johnson

Vice Clubs Editor

Hi! I'm Kelan. I am the Vice Editor of Clubs, a percussionist, meaning I play any kind of drum amaginable. I like to play sports, including football, basketball, track, traveling soccer, and martial arts. I did martial arts for...

Dylan Harty

Academic Reporter

Hi I am Dylan Harty I am a reporter for the academic group. I play baseball and I show pigs. On my freetime I like to spend time with my family when I have the chance to. My favorite color is green and I have 2 siblings....

Damon Dillon

Academic Vice Editor

Hi! I am a Academic Reporter and Publisher. I play football, baseball, and basketball. My favorite color is blue. My favorite teacher is Mrs.Blackburn. In my free time I like to play sports and video games. My favorite movie is...

Tristen Hagler

Clubs Reporter

I am a boxer and I like to ride skateboards and bikes. My favorite food is steak and ramen noodles. I also like to sleep and walk around and just be active in general. I like to play basketball and video games or fish.

Katelyn Young

General News Editor

Hi! I am in Track, Creating Hope, and Newspaper. After school (not in track season) I walk home with mr friend. I like to draw and I wish I could continue learning ASL. I have a dog name Zoe and I have a Hamster named Cheeks....

Megan Bumpas

Student Life Reporter

Hi there! I am an 8th grade student at DMS and a Student Life Reporter. I am involved in the band, specifically the Clarinet. I also help out the DHS pit crew for the band. My favorite color is yellow.

Presley Sanders

Academic Reporter

Hi! I am in the 7th grade and a student at DMS. I am 12 years old. I like to play tennis and I am a DMS cheerleader. In my free time I like to make Tik Toks, paint, and play with my dogs.

Ava Johnson

Co Editor in Chief

Hi there! I'm Ava! I like to play tennis in my free time. I love to watch OU football. I am a competitive dancer, a DMS cheerleader, and a DMS tennis player. I love to watch Grey's Anatomy. I am a part of the DMS Pitchforks. My...

Joelliza Fincher

General News Reporter

Hi! I love to paint abstractly! I also love to play video games like fallout, Stardew Valley, and many more. I love to hang out with my friends in my free time. I also like to go to the skating rink and swim with my friends.

Brendan Heilman

Club Editor

Hi I am the editor of the Clubs beat. I LOVE dogs a lot!!! I am a band member, specifically a percussionist. My favorite color is yellow and my favorite teacher is Mrs.Lippie.

Karsen Cogburn

Sports Editor

Hi! I am in the eighth grade. I am a sports editor and I have 2 siblings, but they take up most of my time. My favorite color is black and I like watching  softball. I have a sister and a brother. Both are older. My favorite...

Ava Miller

Co Editor in Chief

Hi! I play cross country and tennis. This is my 3rd year to be in Mr.Miller's journalism, and he is by far my favorite teacher!! I am Vice President of NJHS, and a part of Student Council. I am also in Geometry and STEM. I love...

Kristyn Alvarez

Student Life Editor

I play softball for the school, and I also play competitively. I am 13 years old, and my birthday is in February. My softball team for the competitive team is the Oklahoma Royals. I play short and center. My favorite food is definitely...

Noah McFatridge

Student Life Reporter

I am in the eighth grade, and I am 13 years old now. I am in the band, and I play tennis. I also have a twin brother who is also on the staff.

Isaac Pain

General News Reporter

I do karate and have a third degree brown belt. I am single. I play video games like Minecraft.

Hayden Irby

Sports Reporter

Hi, I am Hayden Irby im also reporter for the sports newspaper. I have a perm and I like to eat food my favorite place to eat is McDonalds. My favorite color is red and im very nice when I want to be. My favorite show is Golden...

Collin Sherrill

Sports Reporter

I play football, I wrestle, and I play baseball. I am in the seventh grade. I also have a sister and my favorite color is white. And I like to watch My Little Pony and Golden Girls I love to watch musicals with my mom and sis...

Luke McFatridge

Sports Reporter

I am involved in the school. I play cross country and tennis. I also play in the band, do academic team, and is a part of the Academic Team.

Spencer Carter

Student Life Reporter

I like to read and draw. I also enjoy watching TV. playing video games, and listening to music. I also am apart of the wrestling team.