2019-2020 Staff

Casey Phillips

Student Life Reporter

Casey loves sports. She plays volleyball, basketball, and runs track. She plays for a club volleyball team after school volleyball season is over. She is tall, so she has a little bit of an advantage in basketball.

Katelin Ramirez

Sports Editor

Katelin Ramirez is a 13 year old. Her birthday is December 21st. Her favorite sports are soccer and basketball. She has two sisters, three step sisters, and one step brother. Ramirez is half Mexican and loves to eat Mexican food...

Brooklynn Smith

Clubs Reporter

Brooklynn is pretty short, but fast and athletic. She's pretty shy around people she doesn't know, but is pretty funny around people she's comfortable with. Brooklyn loves animals and has two dogs. She is very kind and is always...

Autumn Petty

Academics Reporter

My name is Autumn Petty. I am 14 years old. I am going to play basketball this year. I'm a very quiet person. I don't like sharing things in front of group people. I have six siblings.

Alexis Mata

Teachers and Staff Reporter

Alexis Mata was a new student last year and this is her second year here at the middle school. She is in speech and drama club and it's pretty cool. She was gonna join a sport but she didn't. She wanted to join a theater class...

Conner Lane

Clubs Reporter

My name is Conner Lane. I play Basketball. I have blonde hair and my favorite color is blue. My birthday is April 21. I am tall and my favorite food is pizza.

Aiden Norton

Clubs Reporter

Aiden Norton is a 13 year old and has been in band for almost 3 years now. He is in journalism which is basically the school press.  He isn't in any clubs or organizations. He goes to DMS.

Allison Bailey

Student Life Editor

Allison Bailey is a 14 year old girl from Duncan, Oklahoma. She loves being active in her school and in sports. Her favorite food is thin crust pepperoni pizza with ranch on the side. When she grows up she wants to be a teacher an...

Ady Meek

Academics Editor

My name is Ady Meek, and this is my first year at DMS. My birthday is Sept. 30, 2005. My favorite sport is golf, and it takes up most of my free time. I love traveling and going to concerts every chance I get. I'm very excited...

Kady Wiggins

Sports Reporter

Kady Wiggins is an 8th grade student at Duncan Middle School. Wiggins participates in volleyball and does high jump. She is active in her youth group and has gone on many mission trips. Wiggins has an older brother, that is a...

Meg Walker

Sports Reporter

Meg Walker goes to Duncan Middle School and is 13 years old. She plays volleyball, basketball and runs track. Walker plays on an AAU basketball team called H2G in Oklahoma City.  She has one brother named Reece and has three dogs....

Pamela Nieto

Teachers and Staff Reporter

Hello there, today you will be learning a little bit about a girl named Pamela Nieto. Nieto is an Athletic and super Competitive student. She plays soccer and enjoys it very much. She has been playing it for 11 1/2 years and ...

Emily Lada

Clubs Editor

My  name is Emily Lada, I go to Duncan Middle School. My birthday is October 27, 2005. I have two dogs named Max and Chloe. My dogs are a blue pit and an English bulldog. That was my short little biography about me....

Mason Imel

Sports Reporter

Mason Imel was born on September 28th, 2005 in Wichita, Kansas. He lived in a small town in Kansas called Garden Plain, Kansas for about three years. In 2008 he moved to Duncan, Oklahoma. He has lived there ever since. Mason g...

Luis Garcia

Student Life Reporter

Luis Garcia is in band and plays a trombone and has four little brothers. He likes to play Apex Legends and he is Mexican. He is mostly lazy and sleepy but still does his work but he got held back in 3rd grade. He wish that his ...

Paige Corcorran

Teachers and Staff Editor

 I have two brothers and one sister. I also have three dogs they are all Pitbulls. I live with both my mom and my dad. My birthday was in August. 

Chelsea Castro

Performing Arts Reporter

Chelsea was in band last year she was with the sixth graders but now she is with the eight graders. She likes all her classes and some of the people she has classes with. She wants to learn how to play other instruments. She ...

Rylee Brown

Teachers and Staff Reporter

Rylee Brown is a 13 year old,8th grade softball player at Duncan Middle School. She also plays on the 14u Oklahoma royals softball team. She plays left field and 3rd base. Rylee is a really good player and has been playing sin...

Kiera Brackett

Sports Reporter

  Kiera Brackett was born December 21st, 2004. She was born in Duncan Oklahoma. She has lived there all of her life pretty much. Kiera got held back in kindergarten at Comanche. After her first year of kindergartner at ...

Ayden Belveal

Academics Reporter

Ayden Belveal is a 13 year old boy and when he is older he wants to go to OU. He used to play sports but he stopped because of his height. He likes to play video games and watch OU football games. He also likes hanging out with ...

Aspen Condit

Performing Arts Reporter

Aspen Condit loves to play trumpet in the school band, she is also in honor band. Aspen is in her third year of playing trumpet at Duncan Middle School.  She went to band camp over the summer in Weatherford, Oklahoma and spent 3 ...