‘Addam’s Family’ is great for Halloween, anytime

Katelyn Young, General News

October 30, 2020

The animated film "The Addams Family" is a great movie. I have never watched the original version but I’m sure it’s good too. I do plan on watching the original one sometime. I loved this movie and the song to the ...

‘Sea of Thieves’ provides lots of options

Brendan Heilman, Clubs Editor

October 27, 2020

“Sea Of Thieves” is a game online multiplayer game developed by Rare with 63 different islands, and three different types of ships: Shloop, Briginette and Galleon with hundreds of cosmetics for your character and your ship. You can get attacked by a shark, a bigger shark, an even bigger shark, a Meg...

‘The Nun’ offers lots of jumps for horror lovers

Katelyn Young, General News Editor

October 23, 2020

I think "The Nun" is a great movie to watch during Halloween. It is filled with jump scares and goes along with the movies "The Conjuring" and "Annabelle." I watched it in the theaters, and it made me jump so many times. I think I’ve only watched it twice, but I plan on w...

‘NBA 2K21’ offers some differences from ‘2K20’

Kelan Smith-Johnson, Clubs Reporter

October 20, 2020

"NBA 2K21" is an NBA game and basically the only difference it has Against 2K20 is the shot meter. The shot meter was  up and down, but now it is side to side, and it depends on which NBA player who have. I have asked som...

‘Conjuring’ is a must for Halloween

Katelyn Young, General News Editor

October 16, 2020

"The Conjuring" is a scary movie and is said to be based off of a true story. Since Halloween is around the corner, it's time to start watching some scary movies. "The Conjuring" is about a family that moves into a new house, and the house ends up being haunted. After they realize the house...

‘Among Us’ gains popularity at DMS

Sydney Miller, Student Life Editor

October 15, 2020

“Among Us” is a game that has gained popularity very quickly, and almost every student at Duncan Middle School has either played it or heard of it. Although this game has just recently gained attention, it has been around for years...

‘No Man’s Sky’ has much to offer

Brendan Heilman, Clubs Editor

October 13, 2020

"No Man’s Sky" is a great game. It was developed in 2016, by Hello Games. The game has more than 255 unique galaxies. In turn, the galaxies are comprised of 3 to 4 billion regions, each of which contain more than 122 and up to roughly 550 star s...

New ‘Spy School’ worth checking out

Ava Miller, Editor in Chief

October 12, 2020

So I pre-ordered the eighth Spy School book back in August, and I totally forgot about it. Until now. I received it in the mail two days ago and have not put it down since. You remember Ben, right. If not, he is a 12-year-old going to a Spy School that everyone knows as “St. Smiths S...

‘Avatar: the Last Airbender’ worth rewatching

Katelyn Young, General News Editor

October 9, 2020

"Avatar: the Last Airbender" is a great TV series. Some people will compare it to anime, and it kind of is, but I don’t see it as anime. It is a Nickelodeon series that is on Netflix. There is a movie of the original "Avatar" series, and this series is a remake ...

‘FTL’ gains reviewer’s recommendation

Brendan Heilman, Clubs Editor

October 6, 2020

"Faster Than Light" or "FTL" is a rogue-like real-time strategy game set in space. I highly recommend it. "FTL," which is made by Subset Games, is where you go around in your ship and attack enemy shipts, while you charge...

These small, toy babies are popular among Duncan Middle School eighth-graders this school year.

The babies are AMAZING

October 5, 2020

‘Smile’ brings encouragement to living with braces

Ava Miller, Editor in Chief

October 4, 2020

The other day, my sister got braces. So, I told her to read book called "Smile." It was a book I read when I was about her age and was going through braces, too. It's a graphic novel by Raina Telgemeier, who also wrote "Drama," which I reviewe...