Students reflect on snow day

Kristyn Alvarez and Noah Mcfatridge

October 30, 2020

On Tuesday, the teachers and students enjoyed a day off from school,because of heavy rains and freezing temperatures the roads were unsafe for the buses and the cars to travel to the school. It is  very unusual for Duncan to...

Rosie Castle shows off the CO2 car kits that students were able to purchase to compete in the upcoming CO2 car races. The races are set for Nov. 17.

CO2 cars due Friday

October 29, 2020

FCA holds first meeting

Luke McFatridge, Sports Reporter

October 29, 2020

On Wednesday, FCA had its first meeting of the school year. The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a Christian-based organization that teaches students about with a walk with Christ. The meeting was unlike other Duncan Mid...

Duncan Public Schools announced the cancellation of classes on Tuesday.

School canceled Tuesday

October 26, 2020

Duncan Middle School students show off their Crocs for National Croc Day.

DMS celebrates Croc Day

October 23, 2020