Delilah Ballard, General News assistant editor

Dumbo came out in 1941 and was remade in 2019 both directed by Tim Burton. This movie is about a young elephant that had a cruise that had some big ears. Dumbo had got made fun of because of his ears, and he was all sad and confused why. Everything had changed when they found out that his ear made him fly. 

Just at the start of the movie dumbo’s mom gets taken away from him, and he was just there by himself. In my opinion that wasn’t the right thing to do because he got into a rage because her son was getting taken away from her, and getting made fun of. She was doing the right thing of being a mother, and like any mother, you would do anything for your kid to be happy and safe. 

After Dumbo’s first show and getting made fun of, everyone was not sure about him going back out. He finally saw a feather that had made fly. It got in his trunk and made him sneeze, and there he went flying. Those two kids who saw him were in complete shock and were not expecting that, and the next thing you know he is doing at the show. Dumbo doing it at the show got so many other people, other cruises interested in him, and Dumbos people said yes to combine their cruises together. 

Dumbo had lots and lots of training to just amazed people when he knew his mother was not with him but was still out there.  Dumbo had to do these things that he didn’t do before and with this lady had ridden on his back when he was flying in the process. After all the training it was finally showtime. Dumbo did an amazing job at the show, and then he started to explore around. When he was doing that he found his mom, and tried to help her escape. Did accomplish his mission.

Dumbo is my favorite movie because it was just so easy to compare to. Plus to me, it had these amazing quotes to it like, “Don’t just fly, soar!” The rating for Dumbo is 3.8 and has had 600 ratings, on google. I really recommend this movie, so you should go watch it. 

Delilah Ballard