Dead by Daylight

Carson Hoodenpyle, Academics reporter

So I’m sure most people know what video games are. They’re digital games that have a basic known premise and you have to complete objectives to win. Well there’s one particularly well-known game called Dead by Daylight. This game has been around for 5 years and people still regularly play it, and the fan base isn’t rude or bad and welcomes new players.

So the premise of this game is that you’ve gotten trapped in an area with a serial killer. Most of these serial killers are either from other famous games or from famous movies. For example, Mike Myers, from the Austin powers  movies, not to be confused with Michael Myers from Halloween who is in this game. Every killer also has certain advantageous abilities to give them the upper hand against survivors. The game also has a way of scaring you for no good reason, as that’s part of its job. It’ll randomly start playing chase music and eerie music that makes you turn around to see if a killer is giving chase. There are also hooks around the map that they can kill you with by hanging you on them by your shoulders. However, they can only do this after injuring you enough to knock you down. Killers also have an ability called obsession, which helps them track a marked player in the event that they get away.

Next role is the survivors. The survivors’ goal is to escape. They can achieve this goal by fixing up broken generators around the map. There are five total generators, and it takes about eighty seconds to fix one. There are also skill checks that the survivor has to make to fix the generator. Unfortunately, if you happen to mess up on your skill check, the generator loses part of its repair bar and it makes a loud, audible noise that the killer can hear if they’re close enough to you. Another way to increase your chances of survival is to cleanse totems scattered around the map. Perks that each survivor has can increase your chance for survival, and the perks are different with different survivors. To avoid making noise that the killer can hear, you can crouch or walk instead of running to avoid making noise. 

Now, I’m going to criticize the game by giving the pros and cons of the game. First, the pros. Obviously the first point I’m gonna talk about is how fun the game is. If you’re playing with people in a party chat, it’s more fun because you can actually communicate. Even if you aren’t, it can still be a lot of fun. It also has interesting mechanics that provide advantages and disadvantages. One advantage is that it’s usually obvious to see when the killer is coming in your direction. This is not only backed up by visual representation but also audible queues. The next point is that there are multiple maps that you can play on. Obviously, there are going to have to be different environments that the survivors and killer will be in. As a sub point, different maps mean different locations for the generators. Different locations for the generators means less predictability, which is a good thing since it keeps the survivors from being able to just predict where every generator is, and it leaves a lot up to chance. Another thing is the selection of survivors and killers. There’s a wide open range of killers and survivors, all with unique abilities.

There aren’t many cons, but it’s worth pointing out. One thing I’m not exactly sure about is why it takes so long to do the generators. Like I previously mentioned, they take eighty seconds to complete each. I feel like it should only take about sixty seconds, so that it’s an even minute. I think the skill checks are also a little annoying, but it’s realistic, so I don’t have much of a problem with it. Pretty much the only thing I don’t really like is how you can’t kill the killer. I mean sure it should be difficult but others may struggle more in strategy than mindless violence, so if you could kill them it would be easier.

All in all, the game is fun and more importantly, it doesn’t have a dead fanbase, meaning there’s always gonna be people playing. It’s worth the money, especially so if you like horror games. Another thing to mention is the amount of pros compared to cons. The long and short of it is, it’s a good game.

Carson Hoodenpyle