Mullins to leave at semester’s end

Katie Presgrove, Reporter

Katie Presgrove
Coach Eddie Mullins will soon be leaving Duncan Middle School to pursue a new career.

At Duncan Middle School, coach Eddie Mullins has been a fixture for the physical education program.

Mullins is one of the students’ favorite coaches. Unfortunately for them, Mullins is leaving at the end of 2017, after about 20 years with the district.

Mullins said he was resigning because his new job would be a better opportunity for his family. He went on and explained that he couldn’t pick a favorite grade; he loved them all.

He said his favorite thing and what he would miss most is the kids and the people he works with.

Landen Griffin, an eighth grade football player, says “Mr. Mullins is a very good person. He’s straight forward.

“When Coach Mullins leaves, I’m going to miss having him. And I hope he does great.”


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