Child actors should be a thing of the past

Whitley Brown, Reporter

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Everyone has seen a child on TV, whether it be on Disney Channel, a movie or something else. I don’t

Whitley Brown

think child stars are very happy; they are most likely picked on or considered less because they are children. Children getting paid for being in a movie or on a kids network could go to their heads and make them think everyone is as rich as they are.

Children being on TV almost doesn’t feel right. They are actors getting paid for their “job” and don’t know any other life.

OK, let me put it this way; if you had everything you wanted, everything you asked for by the minute and were catered to 24/7, you would be a little rude to people too. Don’t get me wrong, it must be fun being able to be an actor, but they’re children who don’t really understand what they have the privilege of doing.

All in all, a child being on TV is not really a good example for children. It will go to their heads without them even meaning to, and it probably isn’t even a good environment for children anyway. I feel like children with a humble lifestyle will be better than children in Hollywood.