Evans reflects on time at DMS

Katie Presgrove
Counselor Butch Evans will retire at the end of the school year.

Butch Evans, more commonly known as Mr. Evans, has been working in schools since 1983. He began working at DMS in 2009, and has been working at DMS ever since

Evans is retiring at the end of this school year. Evans plans to travel, work on projects, fish and hunt. He also looks forward to relaxing, not getting in a hurry and seeing his kids.

“I’m going to miss the students and staff most,” Evans said. “My favorite part about working at DMS was helping the students and teachers, and seeing smiling faces every day.

“To the former students of DMS, I would say I enjoyed watching them grow up and become adults.”

DMS Assistant Principal Rodney Strutton is a coworker of Evans.

Strutton said, “I think Mr. Evans will spend a lot of time hunting, fishing and driving his wife crazy.  I am going to miss how reliable he has been for us here at DMS. We could always count on him to be where he was supposed to be, and doing exactly what he was asked to do. You could always count on him.

“Mr. Evans has had a lasting impact on DMS and the people of this community. He has helped so many kids that have come through this school with things such as food, clothing, school supplies, etc. He has bought shoes, coats, clothing of all kinds for countless students over the years. He has ensured that students received food to eat when otherwise they might not have anything.”

Strutton was asked what he would say to Evans and said, “I would say to Mr. Evans, ‘The people of this community appreciate all you have done behind the scenes to help kids in our school. You have done so many things to help kids that no one even knows about. You have done things not for the glory, or the recognition, but because it was the right thing to do. Thank you Mr. Evans, this school and the kids in this school will miss you.'”