News Briefs for Sept. 7


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Academic Team tryouts continue today

Tryouts for Academic Team kicked off Thursday with the written test. Things will continue today, with a buzzer test.

All students interest in being on the Academic Team need to participate in these two activities. The buzzer test for seventh-grade will be today, Sept. 10 and Sept. 11 in Sherry McGhghy’s room, which is Room 186. Tryouts will be at 7:20 a.m. or from 3:05 to 3:35 p.m.

Late Start Monday returns Monday

With Labor Day, Duncan Middle School students and staff missed out on Late Start Monday. However, Late Start Monday will return this coming Monday. During this time, students have the option to come to school an hour later on Mondays, while teachers participate in PLC planning meetings.

Eligibility set to run Monday

The first eligibility list of the school year will run Monday. Students who are making a 59 or below will be placed on the list and will be unable to participate in sporting activities or attend school functions, such as the upcoming NJHS dance. The eligibility list runs every Monday.