DMS joins the Floss movement


Kaden Cogburn

In this screenshot, Nathan Henry teaches English teacher Brenda Hurley how to dance the Floss.

Nathan Henry, Clubs Reporter

I like to Floss; it is my favorite dance.

Nathan Henry

To Floss, you put your arms forward, move them to each side and move your hips. You can do it to music, but it’s not necessary. And sometimes, people compete to see who can go fastest, and I always win.

Also, all the ladies like it.

The Floss was invented by The Backpack Kid, Russell Horning. Katy Perry had Horning on stage, and he did the Floss live.

The dance quickly spread all over the world and recently got put into Fortnite.

When I walked into eighth-grade English teacher Brenda Hurley’s classroom last week, she got excited about getting to learn the dance. Hurley said she tried to Floss in the past, but it was a “fiasco.”

“It takes coordination, and it’s cool,” Hurley said, about the dance.

Seventh-grader Eli Ramirez said he has done the Floss in the past and enjoyed it, but he wasn’t sure what he liked most about it.