Experience opens eyes to bullying

Maddie Caldwell, Clubs Reporter

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*Editor’s Note: This article was written for Anti-Bullying Week and was the winner of the essay contest held during the week. This article was read in front of Duncan Middle School as part of the Anti-Bullying Week assembly.

I think that anti-bullying is something that more people and schools need to represent. Some schools I have seen really don’t talk about bullying almost like it’s not a thing. I think that schools should put more of a focus on bullying prevention because it does happen even though it’s not always noticeable when someone is getting bullied.

Based on my experiences on getting bullied and also my friends experiences, people our age don’t usually speak out about it until after the bullying stops. Kids do this because they think that if they tell someone they will get bullied more for telling.When really if you do tell someone it should hopefully put an end to the bullying.

My bullying experience was that a student that I was friends with was bullying me but she was doing it for so long I didn’t notice it. Then I found another friend that did notice it and she helped me tell someone about it. We went to the principal and they didn’t do anything about it so the bullying continued, until our parents talked to the principal for us. So, following my past experiences some adults or teachers don’t listen to the students bullying problems they just put it to the side. But that was just my experience it would not be everyone else’s.  

If you are getting bullied speak out about it, don’t keep it in or get blinded by it because the person is your “friend”. If you see someone getting bullied don’t be a bystander and walk away, if you don’t feel comfortable walking straight into the situation get an adult immediately. Don’t be afraid to tell someone if you or anyone else is getting bullied. Keeping quiet about getting bullied or seeing someone else getting bullied won’t accomplish anything, it would just allow the bullying to continue.

Don’t let your friends wrap you around the idea that bullying is okay. Some people think that calling people names or making fun of them is just a joking matter but it isn’t. It is still a form of bullying even if the person thinks that it’s funny. I have seen students that sometimes have overlooked the meaning of verbal bullying. Verbal bullying is when an individual uses verbal language to gain power of his or her peers. I used to think that verbal bullying was just someone calling you names but it is a lot more than that. Verbal Bullying is when someone is constantly tearing you down with their words.This form of bullying is one of the most common forms of bullying. It is also the hardest to notice because usually it happens when no adult is around to hear it or see it. My best advice is to tell an adult, try not to let it get inside of your head, and remember that you are not whatever they say you are but so much better.

And finally, don’t forget that you are cared about,

And that you matter. Don’t let a bully get the better half of you. Always think before you speak, And don’t let someone get bullied while you just walk away knowing that the person you walked away from is feeling terrible about themselves in that exact moment.

“Never be bullied into silence, Never allow yourself to be made a victim, Accept no one’s definition of your life, but define yourself.”  –Harvey Fierstein