DMS teacher couples talk about Valentine’s Day

Rhylee Airington and Whitley Brown

Rhylee Airington
Christy and Bubba Clark set an example of what Valentine’s Day is about.

Whether you’ve got a boo or a plan to eat chocolate alone, Valentine’s Day is here.

For those who don’t know, Valentine’s Day falls on Feb. 14 every year. The holiday is a day dedicated to love, whether it be for that special someone or yourself.

At Duncan Middle School, there are several examples of love and perfect timing. For instance, the marriage of Bubba and Christy Clark is one such example. Bubba is one of the DMS counselors, and Christy is an eighth-grade English teacher.

“We met when we were teenager,” Christy Clark said. “I was riding my bike with one of my friends, and we were passing his house and he shouted at us to stop. We did. I started talking to him and he stole my bike and rode it down the street.”

And that was just the start.

“We’ve been dating for 31 years and married for 29,” Bubba Clark said. “The only secret is to just be honest with each other and know how to say you’re sorry. Know when you’re wrong because you’re not always right, even if you want to be.”

Through their marriage, they have lived and taught in several different communities. They have four children: Kc, Ashton, Eli and Deacon. Both Kc and Ashton are teachers for Duncan Public Schools. Eli is a junior at Duncan High School. And Deacon is a sixth-grader at Duncan Middle School.

Coincidentally, Bubba and Christy Clark also share the same birthday, down to the year.

Another example of love at Duncan Middle School is Mark and Megan Monteith. Mark is the vocal music teacher, and Megan is a seventh-grade science teacher, both at DMS.

“We met when I was 3 and he was 4,” Megan Monteith said. “His brother was our babysitter, and his mom was my mom’s boss.

“We didn’t start dating until 25 years later.”

Mark Monteith said the initial sparks may not have existed at 3 and 4, but they did eventually ignite.

“We dated when she was in school, and I was teaching at Ardmore,” he said.

As with the Clarks, the Monteith’s marriage also includes children: Maelyn and Mars.

Other couples do exist within and outside of Duncan Middle School, which may provide examples of what makes a great relationship.

For some people, Valentine’s Day is about spending time with that special someone. For others, it’s all about the chocolate.