Food Critique: Gummy Bears

Editor’s Note: In his “Food Critique” this week, columnist Nathan Henry gives his opinion about a Tulsa candy store,

Nathan Henry

especially its selection of gummy bears.

Location: Unknown, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Date: Feb. 9, 2019

Rating (out of 10): 10

I like gummy bears they are like my favorite candy.

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I was in Tulsa, at a candy store that was huge. I can’t remember the  can’t remember the name of the store but there were lots of types of candy to choose from. When we went in, the store employees introduced us and ask what we were interested in buying. I immediately said gummy bears.

And guess what? They had a whole room of gummy bears.

Something to note, gummy bears are jiggly like my brother. Anyways, I got four pounds of rainbow gummy bears. It was amazing.

I give the candy store a 10 out of 10. It was just an amazing experience. I will go there again.