Pairs of seventh-grade twins share birthday

For seventh-graders Callen and Emersen Villagrana, Feb. 21 is an important day. It’s their birthday.

And while sharing a birthday isn’t unusual for twins, what’s different is they share their birthday with another set of twins at Duncan Middle School, Alexandra and Daniella Agular-Ortiz, both of whom are also in seventh grade.

Whitley Brown
Alex and Dani Agular-Ortiz share their birthdays with another set of twins at Duncan Middle School.

Coincidentally, Alex Agular-Ortiz and Emersen Villagrana share another connection. They are both older than their twins by exactly one minute.

But while both sets of twins share Feb. 21 as their birthday, they were born on year apart.

The Callen and Emersen Villagrana were born in 2005, while Alex and Dani Agular-Ortiz were born in 2006. 

“It feels weird sharing the same birthday with another set of twins” Callen Villagrana said.

According to, it was estimated in 2013 that 3 in 100 births in the United States were twins. At Duncan Middle School there are five sets of twins, which puts 20 percent of the DMS twin birthdays on Feb. 21.

And despite the fact that Callen and Emersen Villagrana share their birthdays not just with each other but also with another set of twins, that may be about where the similarities end. The Villagranas are fraternal twins, while Alex and Dani Agulaer-Ortiz are identical twins, making it more difficult to tell them apart.

It feels weird sharing the same birthday with another set of twins.”

— Callen Villagrana

According to Twins Magazine’s website, a mother of twins is more likely to have fraternal twins than identical.

“Any given mother would have a better chance of having fraternal twins, as there are two thirds more fraternal or dizygotic twins than identical or monozygotic twins. However, new reports show an increase in the identical twinning rate,” according to the website.

Another notable difference in the set of twins comes from their birth stories. For the Villagranas, things started out a bit more complicated than the Agular-Ortiz because while in the womb, Callen and Emersen Villagrana switched sides, meaning they changed their positions.

The twin pairs at Duncan Middle School include:

  • Jake and Jerica Hatcher, sixth grade
  • Callen and Emerson Villigrana, seventh grade
  • Alex and Danni Agular-Ortiez, seventh grade
  • Ian and Aiden Locke, eighth grade
  • Dylan and Devon Busby, eighth grade