DMS students perform in ‘Shrek’

Leigh McEntire
Emersen Villagrana, Natalie Waters, Sadi Blalock and Ainsley McEntire are among the actors performing in Duncan Little Theatre’s “Shrek the Musical.”

If missed your chance to see “Shrek the Musical” last weekend, this weekend is your last chance to see them in action.

Leigh McEntire
Emersen Villagrana and Sadi Blalock paint a set piece for “Shrek the Musical.”

Duncan Little Theatre is performing “Shrek” at 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday at the Simmons Center.

Natalie Waters

In this production, there are four Duncan Middle School students performing. Those students include seventh-graders Sadi Blalock, Ainsley McEntire and Emersen Villagrana, and eighth-grader Natalie Waters.

This is Waters’ fifth year doing show and her 14th play. Her favorite play to perform in was “Into the Woods,” where she played Little Red Riding Hood.

This time around she plays “Tweedledee.” Her sister Megan plays “Tweedledum.”

“Musical theater is a great way to spend your time, and you meet new people,” Waters said.

The show was cast in December, and since then, the performers have been working hard everyday after school and on the weekends, except for Sunday.

The first performances of “Shrek” were Friday and Saturday nights, and Sunday afternoon.

Waters said she is sad that the show is ending because she likes the “beautiful and wonderful people” there.

As with every year in DLT’s 36 season history, the musical production is the biggest in many ways, including cast, set and performances. It is also the show that typically casts the most children.

Last year’s production of “The Wizard of Oz” included about 100 cast members, including many children who were used for munchkins during the Munchkin Land scene, DLT Board secretary Derrick Miller said. Aside from his commitment to DLT, Miller is also the journalism teacher at Duncan Middle School.

The musical is also the kick off to the season each year. Other shows set for Duncan Little Theatre throughout 2019 include a summer showcase, the Teen Theatre workshop (which brings in teens from around Southwest Oklahoma), “Evening of Shorts” and “You Can’t Take It with You.”