Food Critique: Golden Corral

Nathan Henry, Food Critic

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Editor’s Note: The “Food Critique” column is written weekly by Demon Direct staff reporter Nathan Henry and follows his exploits at various restaurants and food establishments.

Location: Golden Corral, Oklahoma City

Nathan Henry

Date: Feb. 17, 2018

Rating (out of 10): 9

I went to Golden Corral because I have always heard that the food is good there. So I tried their food, and it was alright.

But the funny thing was our waiter was difficult to understand. He was all like “What are having to drink today, guys?” I thought he asked something way different and started laughing at him. It was so funny because he didn’t know I was laughing at him, and he proceeded to laugh with me.

I had steak, chicken, pizza, chicken noodle soup. And when I went to the desert part of the restaurant, it was amazing they had a cotton candy machine a chocolate fountain and all kinds of good stuff it was amazing. I guarantee you I gained a lot of weight.

Overall, I give Golden Corral a 9 out of 10. The reason they didn’t get a 10 is because I couldn’t understand the waiter.

The whole team went; it was a massacre. We also had Coach Grey, so it was very terrible because he doesn’t know how to act in public and farted a whole lot.