Eighth Grader students discuss first nine weeks

 As the first nine weeks of school just wrapped up for students here at DMS, that means there is only 9 more weeks until the end of the first semester. 

Kooper Kelly

Kooper Kelly, an 8th grader this year, said, “My first nine weeks as an eighth grader went very good, like normal. One of the biggest things I have learned so far is sign language. One of biggest challenges this nine weeks was geometry. Eighth grade has been fun so far.”

Ansley Devoe, also an eighth grader this year, describes her eighth grade experience so far as “Challenging, but fun. One of my biggest challenges so far this year has been English work,” she said. “The biggest things I have learned so far is math.” She claimed. “The first nine weeks of school went very good for me, mainly because the work was pretty easy and it has been kind of fun hanging out with my friends.” 

Ansley Devoe
Mason Imel

Mason Imel, the last eighth grader we talked to, said, “My first nine weeks in eighth grade was good, mostly because I have made many new friends and stayed on top of my work. One of the biggest things I have learned so far this year was that eighth grade is not as easy as I thought it would be. The biggest challenge I had to face this nine weeks was being able to get homework done, while also doing sports.”         

When they were all asked if they were ready for highschool or not, all of them responded with the same answer. Kooper Kelly said, “Yes, I am ready for highschool, because there is a lot more freedom there.” Ansley Devoe claimed, “Yes, I am ready for highschool, because of highschool sports.” Last but not least, Mason Imel said, “I am very excited for highschool because it is kind of like a new start for all of us.”