DMS football comes to an end

Kiera Brackett, Sports Reporters

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DMS eighth-grade and seventh-grade football season came to an end Tuesday with the games against Lawton Central.

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Football players take the field during the last game of the season.

On Tuesday, the seventh-grade football team beat Lawton Central. This was their second victory for the 2019 season. The eighth-grade team lost, resulting in its second loss of the season.

The seventh-grade game ended with the Demons besting Cougars 36 to 6.

Seventh-grader Cannon Brenneis said that one thing that he could have done better in the game was run faster. Brenneis said that he’s sad that it’s over and he’s ready for next year. Brenneis said his favorite part about football was at the end when the team started to win more.

Photo Submitted
Football players watch game play during Tuesday’s game.

The eighth-grade game didn’t go as well. The team lost by 4 points.

Eighth- grader Gage Ingram said that one thing that could have been better in the game were the refs. Ingram said that he’s sad that the season is over.

Ingram’s favorite part was riding the bus to the game.