STEM Students Skype a Scientist

Ady Meek
Alexandra Lepoutre answering students questions for her

Rosie Castle, a new STEM teacher at DMS this year, had a very cool surprise for her 8th grade STEM students last Thursday, October 17. 

Her 8th graders got the opportunity to skype a famous scientist during their second hour on Thursday morning. 

Alexandra Lepoutre, the scientist who the students got to talk to, is an ecotoxicologist. She currently lives in France, and works for a company known as “SEBIO.” 

“Skyping with Alexandra Lepoutre went very well. She answered all of the questions that we saved for her. She told us many things about the effect of plastic in the oceans and what inspired her to become a scientist.” Mrs.Castle claimed.

In all, her 8th grade STEM students seemed to enjoy their skyping session very much. “It was very interesting, and I cannot wait to do it again sometime,” One of her students claimed.