Derrick Miller’s students weigh in on his class

Ayden Belveal, Adel Mohammed, and Ady Meek

At Duncan Middle School there is a wide variety of electives that students can participate in. One of those many electives is journalism. Three journalism students gave their insights into the class.

Landyn Phillips

Landyn Phillips, a sixth-grader this year, said, “Journalism is different from other classes because you can interview and write about news in journalism, and you don’t do that in other classes.”

Kennedy McDonald, who is in 7th grade this year, is also in journalism. “Journalism is different from other classes because you get to do posts and write a lot. You also write more in journalism than any other class.” She said with excitement.

Danica Contreras

Last but not least, eighth-grade newspaper “editor-in-chief,” 

Kennedy McDonald

Danica Conteras, said, “Journalism is different from other classes because you are doing stuff that will be uploaded for everyone to see.”

Derrick Miller, the journalism teacher, explained a little bit more about what goes down in his class.

“During my class, sixth grade is focusing on the basics that learn about what writing and what news is. Seventh grade looks more at multimedia, and we will also dive into the first amendment. For eighth grade, I have newspaper and yearbook classes,” Miller said.

Derrick Miller

Even though there are a variety of electives to choose from here at DMS, Miller’s journalism class seems like one of the most interesting on of them all. If you are in sixth or seventh grade, you should try taking journalism for one of your electives next year!