Demon Basketball vs Altus Bulldogs


Free Throw shot, taken by Jaycee Loher

Meg Walker and Kady Wiggins

Thursday January 9th, the Duncan Middle School basketball teams played the Altus Bulldogs. The boys traveled to Altus, and the girls played home. The eighth grade boys fell short to the Bulldogs. The seventh grade teams were victorious, along with the eighth grade girls. 

Preston Giles, number 21 for the seventh grade boys basketball team said, the game went very well. Giles said they played as a team, and agreed with the decisions his coach made throughout the game. He said he could have done hip shots better. He said, “The refs were pretty good, and made a lot of fair calls.” He said overall they did good but they need to work on making layups.

Hannah Woods, number 22 for the seventh grade girls basketball team thought the game went well. The Lady Demons played as a team during their game. Woods said “I thought my coach did really good during our game.” She thought she could have shot the ball more. She said “I thought the refs were good.” She thinks her team needs to work on communicating coming out of the game.

Aaliyah Smith, number 22 for the eighth grade girls basketball team thought the game went great. Smith thought they played as a team, and thought the refs were the best they have had all season. She said

Free throw shot taken by Jaycee Loher.

their coach did well, with his decision making throughout the game. She said, “What I could have done better was make my free throws, which is something we need to work on in practice.”

Gage Ingram, number 15 for the eighth grade boys basketball team thought the game went bad. Ingram said “I don’t want to talk about it.” Ingram thought they played as a team though. Ingram thought his coach did good. He said “We should have made more shots during the game.” He thought the refs were terrible.  He thinks the team needs to work on passing coming out of their game.