DMS Baseball Team Works on Field Over Weekend


DMS Baseball players work on 2nd base.

Mason Imel and Katelin Ramirez

The DMS baseball team has been practicing for about three weeks. This past Saturday the team went to the field to work on it. The work day went from Nine in the morning to about four in the afternoon.

Eli Ramirez, Eighth grade baseball player, says that he likes the field now and it has “come a long ways.” Ramirez thinks the field “absolutely” looks better. He says he is excited to play on the field this season. Ramirez said that the best part about working on the field was having bonding time with his teammates.

Gage Ingram, 3rd baseman, says he “loves” the field now. Ingram says the worst thing about the field prior to Saturday was the bases and the dirt. He said he “kinda” had fun while working on the field.

Aden Hutto, left fielder, says the field is really good, and is way better than what it was. Hutto said that the worst part about the field prior to Saturday was the dirt. He said he had fun working on the field.