Teachers reflect on move to distance learning

Paige Corcorran, Teacher/Staff Editor

With the Coronavirus pandemic, Duncan Middle School and other schools throughout Oklahoma have moved to distance learning. And while some people may be happy they don’t have to go to school, not everyone feels the same way.

Eighth-grade teachers Amber Molina, Micah Phipps and Christy Clark shared their feelings about not having school.

“I do wish we were back in school,” Molina said. “A little (time off) would have been fine, but I miss my staff and my students.”

Phipps, who is in his first year of teaching, had similar thoughts. He said he would like to be back in school.

For Clark, she has enjoyed sleeping in, but misses interacting with other teachers and her students.

During the time of quarantine, Molina has been watching Netflix, playing with her son Noah and cleaning the house. She and Noah just had a birthday; so they have been eating a lot of cake.

Phipps has been doing a lot of things during this time, including talking online to his students, recording music, attending online church, and reading and studying books about different languages so he can improve.

Clark has been spending a lot of time with family, and she has enjoyed going outside on the warmer days. She also worked with her husband, counselor Bubba Clark to deliver lunches to students.

Molina and Phipps have been using email and Google Classroom to talk to their students. Clark talks to them on email as well, but she also has talked to them a little bim on social media platforms.

Molina said she thinks some of her students will take advantage of the additional resources she has pushed out, but thinks some of them won’t.

Clark said she can only hope they will do them. She said she tried to make things fun so students will want to do them.