FCA set to return in October

There’s a plan for FCA to return in October, but it will likely look different than it has in the past.

Trevor Evans, youth pastor at The Well, talks to students during the December FCA meeting. There will be changes to FCA this year. (Submitted Photo)

“We will be meeting in the morning, and there will be high school athletes there,” Mandy Robbins, DMS’s FCA sponsor said.

In the past, students gathered together during lunch in the wrestling room for prayer and connection. During those times, athletes and youth pastors were typically the guests for the program.

But with concerns over COVID-19, things are changing this year.

Robbins said the program is set to return in October, but things will unofficially kick off with the See You at the Pole event on Sept. 23.

“(FCA) stands for Fellowship of Christian Athletes,” Robbins said. “It encourages Christian Athletes in their walk with the Lord, and represents Christ on and off the field.”

At Duncan Middle School, FCA started when Mike Fitts, who was a seventh-grade social studies and coach, decided to bring the program to DMS.

“It is a time where athletes can come together to hear motivational speeches,” Robbins said.