Teachers recall 9/11 terrorist attacks

Katelyn Young, Isaac Pain, and Joelliza Fincher

Amber Molina remembers where she was when the attack on the Twin Towers took place.

Students in Cathy Barker’s room watch a news video of the World Trade Center terrorist attack. (Joelliza Fincher)

Molina, who is a eighth-grade science teacher, was a fourth-grader at Horace Mann Elementary in September 2001, when the historical event happened. She didn’t know what happened until she got home and her parents told her about it. She said she was too young to understand and watch the news.

She had a family member who worked at the towers, but did not personally know them

It took Molina several days to figure out it was a terrorist attack.

Today marks 19 years after the events of the attack on the Twin Towers, a terrorist act that left a lasting impact on America.

In September 2001, Cathy Barker, humanities teacher, was teaching fourth grade at Woodrow Wilson Elementary. Barker heard about the attack when the principal came down to her room and told her.

Barker said her first emotion was surprise, but then she asked “Is President Bush OK?”

At the time President George W. Bush was in Florida reading to kids.

These memories have left a lasting effect on both teachers.

Molina said she researches the history about the attack and on the anniversary she wants kids to find someone who was around when the attack took place.

But Molina isn’t the only teaching about the historic moment.

Barker is teaching her kids about the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks this year by presenting a Powerpoint and having students watch a video.