Investigating science competes in egg race project

Sydney Miller, Damon Dillon, and Presley Sanders

Last week, the students involved in investigating science had an egg race.

Seventh grade students participate in egg race during investigating science. (Collin Sherrill)

This activity used Newton’s Laws of Motion, where the students designed a car with a $20 budget to buy the materials. They designed the car so it would be able to hold an egg safely while traveling down a ramp, built in the science room.

The car needed to prevent the egg from breaking or cracking, even the smallest bit. The ramp that the car was traveling on was one and a half meters tall, and the students could only hope that their design would go down properly without any issues.

Shay Stewart, a seventh-grade investigating science teacher, said that the egg race taught her students about Newton’s Laws of Motion. Another thing they learned was how to work together as a team and to be careful about budgets and certain materials.

All of the students were able to work hard and efficiently, Stewart said.

Unfortunately, most of the egg cars were unsuccessful. But two from Stewart’s class were able to complete the task.

This is the first time this school year, the science teachers have done this activity in the science room.

This activity will help students use their engineering skills to design an effective design.

“It was fun for the students and they learned a lot when doing so,” Stewart said.