Academic Team hopefuls compete in buzzer tryouts

Noah McFatridge, Student Life Reporter

Over the last few weeks, those wanting to join the Academic Team have been tested.

On Wednesday, they participated in the buzzer rounds.

Some of these students include members from last year and newcomers. Some of the students are worried about not making the team, while others have been doing it for years and are excited about the year ahead.

“I enjoyed being on the Academic Team last year, and I think I will make it this year,” eighth-grader Sydney Miller said.

Buzzer tryouts are when students tryout by showing what they know. When a question is asked, people buzz in and the announcer calls them out so they can answer. If the answer is correct, the team gets to answer a bonus question.

For every correct answer, the team gets 10 points. There are 32 points per game and eighth per quarter. The team with the most points at the end wins.

The students who do the best at these tryouts will become part of the team, either junior varsity or varsity. They will then compete against other schools at different competitions.