New ‘Spy School’ worth checking out

Ava Miller, Editor in Chief

So I pre-ordered the eighth Spy School book back in August, and I totally forgot about it.

Ava Miller

Until now.

I received it in the mail two days ago and have not put it down since.

You remember Ben, right. If not, he is a 12-year-old going to a Spy School that everyone knows as “St. Smiths Science Academy for Boys and Girls”. He and his friends recently took down the evil organization created to cause chaos and mayhem, called “SPYDER”. Because he was in so much danger, as well as his parents, Spy School had to tell Ben’s parents what had happened.

While Alexander Hale, Erica’s father, was telling Ben’s mom and dad that their lives could be threatened and that they now have to become completely new people and assume new identities, Erica Hale blew up the conference room that they were supposed to be in. When Ben returned to his dorm room in the school, he and his friends talked about why they thought she blew up the conference room.

Ben was the only one who said Erica was innocent, while everyone else told him his emotions played too much into this. They even said that he slept with a teddy bear. 

This was a total shock to me because not once in any of the other books did it say anything about him sleeping with a teddy bear, and I mean I have reread and reread these books. Then, once everyone but Zoe left, she asked why Ben looked shocked, he said it was because he doesn’t sleep with a teddy bear.

Then he said “Erica Hale!” At that moment Cirus Hale, Erica’s Grandfather, busted into the room and wrote all over Ben’s homework, “Come with me NOW!”.

And that is as far into the book as I have gotten.

I will do 2 or 3 more columns about this book, so go order “Spy School Revolution” and be a part of this book journey with me.