STEM students learn through green screen technology

Katelyn Young, General News Editor

Duncan Middle School sixth-grade STEM were using a green screen to make infomercials about renewable energy sources.

The STEM green screen is being used by sixth-grade STEM students for a project in class. (Katelyn Young)

The students worked on the projects since throughout the month of October, beginning Oct. 1 and ending Oct. 30. Friday was the last day for them to shoot their videos.

“From this project, they are learning about renewable energy sources, tech tools, how to edit videos and how to sell things,” Renea Lawler, sixth and eighth-grade STEM teacher, said. “The will be using the green screen again for other projects.”

The students can earn up to 250 points from the project, which is a project grade and test grade together.

Merrick Ivey, sixth-grade STEM student, said she was enjoying the project.

“It was fun to do,” Ivey said. “The part I liked the most was editing my video.”

She said she did not get to choose which energy source her group got to do for the project.