Family to gather for Thanksgiving

Sydney Miller, Academics Editor

Today is Thanksgiving Day, and my family will be celebrating by having a big dinner as usual.

Sydney Miller

My grandma and mom are both really good cooks, and they usually make foods such as stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes and corn. My grandpa and dad on the other hand like to grill meat outside, so they usually take care of the turkey or ham.

On Thanksgiving, our family normally would travel to one of our extended family members’ houses in Arkansas to hang out. This year, part of our family moved to Duncan, so that is where we will be going.

When our entire family gathers together, there are a couple games that we like to play, and that are kind of a family “thing” to do. A couple of the games we play are Farkle, Spoons and Skipbo. Skipbo and Spoons both involve cards, while Farkle is a dice game. 

Our family likes to use Thanksgiving break to get together and hang out, because a lot of us live a big distance from each other.